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Print on Demand: Tori Amos // Drop Dead T-shirt

Print on Demand: Tori Amos // Drop Dead T-shirt

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**This shirt is shipped through a print on demand service, not printed by Bread & Water Printshop. Using this service allows us to keep offering otherwise retired designs. However, that means the blank shirt and print style may be different than other shirts you've ordered from Bread & Water in the past**

All I could think about while designing this shirt was that 'Rabbit' was a literal rabbit being rescued by 90s vegans from a cosmetics testing facility, and one of the ALF members couldn't find the keys to the getaway van. Like you've never asked your dog where your keys are.

Someone please do a wild piano cover of Unjustified Murder.

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  LENGTH (inches) WIDTH (inches)
S 28 18
M 29 ¼ 20
L 30 ¼ 22
XL 31 ¼ 24
2XL 32 ½ 26
3XL 33 ½ 28
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