Johnny Cash // Death Tarot Print

Johnny Cash // Death Tarot Print

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The fifth in Bread & Water's slowly developing country Major Arcana.

The Death card is often misunderstood as a bad omen, but in fact it instead indicates the end of something that no longer serves you, leaving you open to what is new– the morning, the next phase of your life. While not always bad, Death always portends change, the end of something.

The Man in Black plays Death here, solemnly overseeing the remnants of the dead as the sun sets behind him. Where there is death, though, there are also sprouts of new growth. 


Open edition of prints on 70lb black paper. Print measures 12.5”x19”.

Because prints ship in a tube, shipping can only be combined with other prints and stickers. If purchasing both prints and shirts, please place two separate orders.